6b: Living fully

__transparent_by_nakedladyHeart-mind is not only one “thing”, but a human being gets in trouble when one side is emphasized or de-emphasized over the other.

  • When we live primarily from the mind, worry, aggression, fear, judgement, and distrust increase. The mind without the heart limits and chases itself in circles.
  • When we live primarily from the heart (or what is commonly considered the heart), laziness, denial, personalization, over-sensitivity, overwhelm, dependence, and gullibility increase. The emotions without wisdom and clarity tend to produce inertia, co-dependence, and low self-esteem.

However, when lived as one – which is what heart-mind is – then the full range of both are accessible. In fact, the full range of living and expressing our human nature is present and flowing through living heart-mind.

One of the interesting things about creating a meditation practice is how as we cultivate it, it is cultivating us! In The Practice of Living Awareness, each step has led us inside to flow, softening and opening, and to experiencing the vast and small that is the ongoing relation of oneself to life.

Enjoy this meditation. Enjoy your human nature: heart-mind.


Downloadable: Living fully

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