Integrity and destiny

The Intermediate group meditation used considerations from a quote from Heraclitus.

Heraclitus- the Light of Integrity.001The three primary qualities of mind-awareness have myriad expressions. They include heinous actions, neurotic thoughts, and painful emotions. The same three qualities can produce sublime and profound actions of compassion, wisdom to last ages, empathy as deep as the ocean, and give meaning to ‘ existence.

The three primary qualities are radiance, dynamism, and continuity.

  • Radiance manifests through exacting and contracting as well as precision and purity.
  • Dynamism manifests in restlessness and distraction as well as through impermanence and spontaneity.
  • Continuity demonstrates in attempts to keep things unchanging and therefore lifeless as well as in smoothness, flow, and the non-interruption of Presence or Awareness, Radiance, and Vibrancy as they are.

We meditated on Integrity today.


Downloadable podcast: Integrity and destiny

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