We are planetary beings.

Our breath comes from the planet, as does our food and existence. Our choices effect the planet, as do our thoughts, types of emotions, and physical movement. We are planetary beings.

Importantly, we are planetary beings not only on the microcosmic side of the equation but also on the macro. You and I are integral to positivity and harmony on Earth. You and I are necessary to the ongoing moment-by-moment, choice-by-choice trajectory of well-being or disease of Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. This is empowering and sobering.

Everything matters, whether one understands that, believes it, or not. One’s point of view is irrelevant, but one’s life and everything that is part of one’s life is not only relevant, it is powerful. We are planetary beings. We affect the world. As such, every act lived from the heart adds clarity and goodness, peace and care into the world. No act is too small. Every dream brought to manifestation matters. Let’s live from the heart and manifest the dream of a thriving world.


Downloadable podcast: Planetary beings

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