10b: the brightness in everything

DEW by SampokThere is brightness in everything, even the experience of pain. Meditation brings forward the energy and light that is encapsulated or expressing through any given situation or word or presentation. Meditation helps one realize that everything is energy, vibration, and various condensations of light. Humor, contentedness, caring, analysis, and relation are all forms of light and have a tangible higher vibration than, for example, laziness, fear, anger, confusion, or feeling needy. Pain, also, though often challenging, can be engaged in a way that engages it as a vibration, as an energy. Thinking about it flowing out or flowing away, or simply flowing, often will adjust the severity of the pain and sometimes relieve it completely. Why? Because pain is an energetic response to something just as joy or acceptance are.

Unfortunately, the recording equipment did not function properly during the meditation, but here is one from the last round. We’ll pick up the step live on Friday!

The beautiful photo is called Dew from Sampok on DeviantART


Light is a result in a meditative practice. It is that because light is innate. Furthermore, light is a choice – as in lightness of being.

Everything in a meditation practice steers the practitioner inside. With that reorientation one experiences the light that is within. The more one abides in this inner light, trains oneself how to sustain it, then one begins to experience the fuller range and expressions of light through one’s day.

  • Light is ease, peace, calm, and a lightness in one’s demeanor. Life is less burdensome even though one has tasks to do.
  • Light is humor, a smile, a chuckle with the vagaries of the day.
  • Light is the vibrational nature of everything and everyone. As we smile more, have more peace of mind and emotions, life gets sparkly, iridescent, creative, bright.
  • We even might experience an increase of intuitive processes. Certainly, we will experience more clarity, lucidity, and awareness. All of these are innate. They are our light!

Step 10 is called Luminous Perception.


Downloadable podcast: Innate light

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