pre-Wesak Intermediate: Dedication – the Way of the Heart

emerald_forest_by_infinitefiend-d37rpigThe distinction of the saints and sages of history, of those who inspire humanity to stretch beyond the usual have one quality in common: dedication. Each dedicated him or herself to sorting something out and, then upon doing so within his or her scope and scale, dedicating their life, energy, time, and capacity to that which he or she discovered.

You and I are no different from them in bone or sinew or capacity. If there is a difference, it is one of dedication.

To live from the heart is to live a life dedicated to truth of Being, to the ongoing discovery of truth of Being for all beings, and to live in a way that only fosters truth and being for all beings. What power is inside us! What capacity! Are you dedicated to Life?

Someone meditating with the live session wrote this of today’s meditation: “Donna –  Your guided Heart meditation today is a treasure…a truth for every moment in the unfolding challenge and beauty of life.

Put that one out there…on the site…not only in the archive but well marked in a special collection of “forever” meditations.  There, on any day,  a seeker can quickly find, listen and be held/ healed in the Light.

Lovely, lovely lovely.”


Downloadable podcast (to be put in the “forever meditations file”: Intermediate: Dedication

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