3a: Like a dancer

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flowBe like a ballet dancer for a minute. Move your arm and hand in a graceful undulating wave from the left to the right. When you reach the full extension of the right side, do it again, and repeat a few times. (Stop reading and experience the wave.)

You probably experienced a gentling of your moment, a flow or harmony overtook whatever had been your mental or emotional state. With that undulating flow of your hand and arm, all concerns ceased. This is because rhythm is a natural harmonious state, and rhythm is shared with all existence. When we create the wave of flow imaginatively, our inner subtle systems (sympathetic and parasympathetic, neurological, and endorphine) as well as our chakra system share the flow.

This tells us something very important: a harmonious state is one’s choice. All around us, Nature displays that to resist is futile, and to push against the natural rhythmic pulses of life is equally defeatist. The leaves do not push against the wind. Animals do not fight against the change of seasons. Human beings have brought light to the night but that has also disrupted sleep patterns which has made millions (maybe billions) of people unhealthy in a variety of ways.

In meditation, there also is flow. There will be quietude and then interruption of the quiet. That comes from inside as much as it does from the environment around us. The noise from the kitchen or the passing car or the animal outside is no different than the arising thought in in our mind. They both have spontaneously come forward into the flow of quiet, and if we do not push it away but notice and breathe, then quiet will undulate inside our mind and emotions again.


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