3c: The flow of Presence and Awareness

river meditationSitting by a swift flowing river in meditation has been a meditation training for many millennia. Ultimately, the training is not about the roar of the water or its splash but of the river itself. The river is expressing its nature. Meditation, in time, allows one to also experience the inner beingness that one’s outer life crowds and drowns out.

But, life also has its currents. One need not sit by a river in order to experience the roar or splash of modern environments and circumstances. A meditation practice offers a training in inner quietude, serenity, and going with an internal flow. Doing so, one begins to recognize the nature of Awareness: natural, ordinary, and spontaneous Awareness.

The off-the-cushion practice, then, is becoming the flow of Presence, being the smooth continuity of Awareness.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: The flow of Presence and Awareness

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