Intermediate: How high is the sky, how deep is Being?

we__re_in_this_together_by_lpdragonfly-d2xm4uqTrue meditation is the experience of resting in the natural state of Awareness, the natural condition of awareness-mind. Over and over again, a practitioner experiences

  • that with a smile, a brightness and ease is present,
  • with an in-breath and attention on the top of it, a clarity and limitlessness naturally is experienced,
  • with one-pointedness that is at ease within itself, continuity of the brightness, ease, clarity or brightness, and limitlessness is experienced.

In other words, by allowing the mind to experience itself as Awareness, the mind (and the practitioner) discovers that this is the normal, natural, way of Being. This is the mind’s nature.

Interesting insights will also arise when given the opportunity, such as:

  • moments of clarity or understanding are born from the pervasive luminous clarity and wisdom of Awareness-mind
  • habits and holding on to things is born of continuity, a quality of Awareness-mind
  • and aggression or irritation is born from the dynamic, naked, raw quality of Awareness-mind.


  • patience is a demonstration of continuity
  • happiness is an expression of clarity and brightness
  • confidence and vitality are expressions of raw dynamism.

Recognize the profound within the everyday. Then, learn to track the troublesome or personalized manifestations back to the pure extraordinary qualities that made them possible. This is learning to reside in meditation throughout the day.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: How high is the sky, how deep is Being-


Graphic: We re in this together by LpDragonfly on DeviantART

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