Intermediate: Alignment 1

alignment.001Alignment can feel vertical: a connecting of the refined aspects of Being, one level after another. Or vertical alignment can be experienced as a stretch into the heights of Being, of Awareness, of grace or beauty. This vertical ascent provides perspective, detachment, and clarity, as well as higher vibrations of Being and states of meditation.

Alignment can also be experienced for its width or scope and relational capacity. As such, then, all relationships are alignments, mis-alignments, or non-alignments. The scope of alignment in this way is expressed through the heart’s electromagnetic field.

My intention with the cycle of training called Alignment for the Intermediate practitioners is to assist everyone in a fuller living of the extraordinary as truly normal. In order to do so, certain specific factors about alignment and integration of one’s fields and vibratory capacity have to be calibrated and then integrated. For lack of a better term, this is part of the scope of alignment.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Alignment 1

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