8c: the body of Awareness

borobudur-at-sunrise-tour-buddhaAsana reminds us that our physical body is an aspect of the breadth and scope of human Awareness. Asana also reminds us that with the physical body honored and respected through good posture and alignment, it will assist our meditative stability. A body unacknowledged, not included as an aspect of our meditative practice, is a body that vibrationally dampens a sitting. But, that is not the physical body’s fault. It is the practitioner’s error.

Asana bring immediate benefits to one’s sitting practice. All one has to do is sit more erectly and experience the improvements. But, asana also can be carried through the day. In this way, posture can assist in poise, equipoise, inner composure, and ease within oneself thus with situations and others.

Asana is so important, on the cushion and off.


Downloadable podcast: Entry: Be the body of Awareness

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