Generative: Recognizing pure Being in others

I was unsure of my way as I drove through lower Ontario recently. An information center appeared before me, and relieved I went in. A young woman behind the counter smiled and gave simple clear directions. As she told me the way to go, she wrote the highway junctures for the 4 hour drive –upside down to her/rightside up to me. I bowed to her and thanked her for her kindness and skill. When asked if she practiced learning how to write upside down, she said no, that it just happened through the need to help others.

On my way out the door, my eyes teared up: “Thank you, Manjushri, for your myriad forms.”

qualities of BeingQualities of pure Being are all around us, and every person is a manifestation of deity. That is true because each person is, of course, an emanation of the pure Beingness is that their ultimate and highest nature. It is also true, in that, “all that appears and exists” is a manifestation of universal purest Awareness-Being. When one is generating deity as a practice, one not only is committed to bring forward qualities of pure Being from within oneself, but is also committed to recognize the qualities of Beingness expressing in and through others. The Manjushri Tantra (Namasamgiti) calls this “vajra chaksu” or “pure vision” or literally “vajra eyes.”

With this Generative meditation, we acknowledge the pure Beingness in others.


Downloadable podcast: Generative: Recognizing pure being in others

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