Intermediate: Your vibration is sounding.

2000px-OM_MANI_PADME_HUM.svgScience has recorded a sound, a vibration, that is sounding through space. Each planet has a sound or vibrational quality also. In fact, each star, galaxy, and – with clairaudience – each person emits a song, a sound, a vibration or set of vibrations.

One could correctly say that you are sounding a mantra energetically throughout the day. The key is to one’s vibration and its quality is the understanding of its truth. We are vibrating all the time.

Our words, thoughts, actions, and spiritual factors (chakras and such) are all vibrating. Meditation is one way by which these undertones get coordinated into a sonorous vibrational field.

This is a deep meditation, while being a reminder of the powerful responsibility of being human and the power that one can bring into the world.


Downloadable: Intermediate: Vibrating

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