1a. a Wiggle and a smile

Peace and happiness can be the quality of this moment, if we bring them forward. Truth is, like the sky, peace and happiness are already present. Just as we can bring the expanse of the sky into a moment by looking up, we can bring peace or happiness into a moment with a smile.

The goodness of a smile is inside everyone. Kindness, courtesy, generosity, helpfulness, and patience are inside everyone. And, what we discover – as human beings – is that grumpiness, sadness, and stress can all too easily overtake the goodness that is the true foundational qualities of being human. A smile from the heart, a smile of helpfulness or understanding disallows the lower vibrations of stress and pettiness to take hold. Smile! Be the human being that you truly are. Be the goodness of the human heart.

s-laughingLiving from this loving kindness makes a meditation practice possible. Living from stress and impatience make a meditation practice almost impossible. That, then, is an encouragement to smile – rather than not learning to meditate. Smile. Makes others smile through the myriad opportunities to do so that every day brings. Notice hesitations in kindness and transform them. Then notice the good that you have contributed to a troubled world. The troubles will change only as we change them.

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Downloadable: A wiggle and a smile

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