4b. The experience of tranquility is soft and open.

We are alive because we breathe. Our whole existence is because lungs breathe in and lungs breathe out. Family, friends, the particular quality of being that you are is here only because we breathe. Without breath, there is no heart beat, no brain functioning, no you, no me.

But we do breathe, we are alive. We contribute to the world, to our family, and community in all the ways that we do, because we are alive. And, our lungs remind us how to live fully: they soften and open in order to receive.

Because the rain softens the soil, the soil can bring forward abundance for all creatures. When we soften and open to one another and to the variety of circumstances of each day, we, too, bring forward our fullness and joy.


Downloadable: Entry: Tranquility is soft and open


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