6c: Authenticity in times of change

Meditation directs one to integrity, to the authenticity of who and what one is, and that -deep inside- is a being of heart-mind. Protests have been happening in several US cities by people who are fearful about the policies that the president-elect might institute as well as what he might tear down. By the same token, there are those who are pleased with the outcome of the election and excited for the changes that will come. Regardless of your political preference or your state of concern or excitement, if you have a meditation practice, it will keep you genuine and harmless.

Meditation is a supreme tool and practice for personal authenticity, clarity, and a reality check. Therefore, if one wants to protest, be empowered by your meditation practice. Let it bring clarity to your intentions, let it keep you real through your actions, and may your heart-mind be your compass and source of authenticity. And if you are a champion for Trump-style change, then please rely upon your meditation practice for the same clarity, reality check, and authenticity.

Meditation helps us engage truth as well as stabilize each meditator in truth of being.



Downloadable: authenticity

During this week of political surprises and change, The Practice has been on the step of Heart-Mind.

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