10a: A natural state of being

luminous-brightly-shining-001Two great teachers of the art and science of meditation have been Buddha Shakyamuni and Patanjali. They provided methods that elucidate the natural state of luminous being while -at the same time- entraining one to this truer freer state.

Their methods mirror each other. As such, there is not much difference between the techniques given by either teacher. Mindfulness offered by the Buddha is basically the same instruction as that given through several sutras of Book II by Patanjali. This congruity is important because it declares the effectiveness of the methods and the achievement of both teachers. They taught from their direct experience. They taught from a redefining that they themselves had affected within their perceptions and sensorial living. Their instruction, thus, include their experience and, thereby, their encouragement.

“Luminous is the mind brightly shining,” is a statement from Buddha Shakyamuni that I use with myself of frequently. It reminds me to be brightly shining in every way possible. In so doing, I am creating a truer pattern of being, one that everyone is capable of because luminous and bright is our natural state.

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