13b. The auric energy field

Fun-Facts-for-Kids-All-about-Earths-Magnetism-Image-of-the-Earths-Magnetic-PolesThe human auric energy field is like that of our mother, Earth. The overall field has an inlet and outlet. For a person, that is the crown center (in) and root center (out). For Earth, these are the north and south poles. The human auric field focuses around a center source, the central channel. Similar is energetically found in the Earth. Along the central channel are the primary human chakras or centers. Such a straight line up of the Earth’s centers is not to be found. Instead, the primary centers are located in a variety of energy spots in the world. Finally, a person has flowing channels or rivulets of force within one which flow as desire or thought arise and seek expression. The Earth has rivers and aquifers that flow with the force currents of Earth.

Each step of The Practice has informed us of the subtle that exists within oneself and around one. One’s self as an expression of energy is the essence of Step 13: Toroidal Flow.


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