Be Yourself!



In these times of incredible social media influence, it can be challenging to be who you are.  We are inundated with advertising on how we should look, the clothes we should wear, the cars we should drive, how we should speak and behave.  This can lead to feelings of shame, or not feeling “good enough”, making it hard to be comfortable with who we are.  Perfection does not exist on the material plane.  All kingdoms in nature have what may be perceived as “flaws”.  Only we can change this perception and accept and embrace ourselves for who we are, and  come to appreciate our bodies which are amazing, even when challenged.  Appreciate our emotions – life would be colorless without the amazing feeling nature!  Appreciate our mind – and it’s amazing abilities, without comparing to others.  Each one of us is an amazing unique individual. All of our qualities and differences add to the beautiful tapestry of the collective whole. You are important. You are an integral part of the whole. Be yourself, and let your light shine! Let’s meditate.

Downloadable Podcast:  Be Yourself!

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