Love, Lover and Beloved


Love can be an ambiguous and frankly loaded word especially in terms of emotions and attached love.  We have our own individual heart space which may feel guarded, protected, open, shared, or perhaps we’ve thrown away the key!

Love can also be known as compassion, understanding, non-attached, yet at-one-ing with another and with all that is.

To experience and be Love, Lover and Beloved is to know that you are that.  From the perspective of the Universal heart, love does touch us, always.  We can touch others, known and unknow with love, we can open to our innermost self and Be love.  Feel the kiss of love, like the sun on your face.  Let your heart be overflowing with love until it fills you, and you become that – Love, Lover and Beloved.

Downloadable Podcast:  Love, Lover and Beloved

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