Who is Driving?


Have you ever driven down a road for many miles and all of a sudden you realize that you had traveled much further than you thought, without registering that fact? That is actually a good thing though it can be momentarily jarring. The unconscious mind is so much more aware of our surroundings and able to react more quickly than the conscious/volitional mind.

That being said… who is driving?  Who is driving our being through the day, through our interactions and relationships?  Is it our unconscious mind?  The emotions? Our belief systems? The thoughts that keep swirling and repeating themselves ad nauseum?  Usually it is a combination of these, which often don’t serve us well.  Let’s give the busy mind a break and rest in the peacefulness of quiet mind, infinite space, and let newness arise.

Downloadable Podcast:  Who is Driving?


One thought on “Who is Driving?

  1. oh, yes! wonderful. even when we stop mental activity, we find we still do things. and actually more efficiently. who does that it? the only thing that really exists. life itself 🙂

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