Change the world with a smile. 1e

Mohandas.Gandhi.1869-1948.400x484Mahatma Gandhi smiled. He also cried when the moment was sorrowful, laughed, and was occasionally perplexed. Mohandas Gandhi became recognized as a world saint because he practiced the way of the smile, its patience, wisdom, and kindness. It became known as the Way of Non-violence. Doing so he inspired hundreds of thousands of people. He changed the world and – in very real ways – that which is positive in global policies since World War II is indebted to Gandhi, his smile, and the powerful meditative reasons behind that smile.

We complete the first step of The Practice of Living Awareness acknowledging that a smile changes everything. It can do so with sagacity and compassion as its root. It can even change the world. May we all be a Gandhi in our little worlds.


Downloadable podcast: A smile changes the world- gandhi

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