“Let breath be your lover…

and light be your bed.” Each meditation sitting is an embrace.

The first experiences of meditation’s embrace are those of taming and training the mind-emotion feedback loop. Meditation is a form of wooing the mind to open, to soften, and to allow the unknown to be the delight and adventure that it is.

With openness to receive and some meditative stabilization, meditation begins to embrace itself, and the meditator experiences layers of more. Each more, each vibration of newness, somehow has both familiarity and an almost radical presence. Now one’s relation to breath as a “lover” is imperative. Mind has loosened from its controlling, protective modus operandi, and we/mind have experienced peace, light, ease, maybe a touch of bliss or mystical awareness. The breath is realized as the gate and the gatekeeper. Experiencing the breath and the veluptuous experience of breathing is the next embrace.

With that comes light. Light can be experienced as brightness, lightness, weightlessness, clarity or lucidity. Light might be its own embrace, a beckoning into higher states and vibrations. It might even give ‘way to deep silent blackness – profound, primordial, and non-dual.

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  1. Donna, the introduction to the meditation is a marvelous enticement; you “woo” one into the practice. Thank you

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