The ground of enlightenment (Step 11a)

meditation_by_zeldalilly-d52quh1Just on Earth there is no other ground, on the Path of human excellence meditation is the ground. All other practices are important – and even necessary as parts of the Path – but without meditation as foundational within one’s practice the fullness of human Beingness cannot be established or accomplished.

I recognize that accomplish is a dicey term because, in fact, we already are what we are seeking to be. By the same token, human beings measure the efficacy of something by what is established, manifested, demonstrating, and displaying. Meditation bring all factors of human thought, emotion, intuitional feelings, and body sensations into the rubric of valid and integral to transforming oneself and thereby transforming the world.

We are in the step: the Ground (of Being).


Downloadable podcast: The ground of enlightenment

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