The many grounds of one’s life

flower-of-schweizer-riesen-peaThe ground gives one a sense of stability and surety. What are other things that do that?

  • concepts and beliefs
  • some forms of relationship
  • a sense of self, who or what we think we are
  • thinking (“I think therefore I am.”
  • one’s environment, or the working of appliances, or the internet, or electricity

Most of these come back to thoughts, concepts, and beliefs that we have. These are the ground of our reality. Just as we walk on a seemingly solid ground (which actually is space and quantum particles), equally so we tread through each moment of every day creating a reality based upon our thoughts and beliefs.

Meditation gives one an additional ground – the ground of Being. It is concept-less, unconditioned and unconditional. The ground of innate Being is not based upon anything, being empty of all constitutional factors. Yet, is this this ground that is actually what a human being is searching for through the experience of all other grounds: thoughts, beliefs, relations, feeling safe and secure, as well as the sense of self. In meditation, the practitioner can learn to come “home” to the ground of Being and, furthermore, infuse thoughts, cells, and daily life with the “only” ground: the Ground of Being.

Downloadable podcast: The many grounds of one’s life

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