Écoute. Listen!

EB04-OmManiPadmeHumExistence is vibration. It, you, and all in manifestation is vibration. All is the “Word made flesh.” The source of primordial vibration doesn’t matter – it being beyond all concepts and ideation. Of significance to you and I is that we are vibrating. We are waves of purpose and demonstration interacting with layers and layers of equally demonstrating purpose. Our cells are vibration, our thoughts are vibration, every movement is, as well as that which we move toward. The ancient esoteric phrase, “the Word made flesh”is literal.

But that Word is not actually a word or a sound in any particular language. The term is symbolizing the vibration of intention. Aligning with intention is powerful because it harmonizes our personal movements and intentions with greater, even macrocosmic, vibrations of intention. When one hears a statement like “the universe will provide” or “ask and you shall receive”, it is true IF what is needed is in vibrational resonance with universal intention.

In the Intermediate practice, we engaged a largely silent meditation in order to listen. This is in preparation for a cycle that we will spend on the deep purpose and meaning of certain mantras. Mantras are “word made flesh.” The flesh is tone of voice, consonant and vowel sounds. Mantras are in all languages and traditions. Mantras of high vibration are ones that are fractal harmonics of universal intention and design.

There is a teaching at the beginning of the meditation that speaks of such things to set the tone for the cycle of meditations.


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