Intermediate: Humanity is One and I am one with them.

mantram.003Having the capacity for calm or open-mindedness or for compromise in order to accomplish a greater goal than one’s individual needs are skills and qualities that serve in a variety of situations. These skills, as well as others that result from meditation training, also serve the collective consciousness of humanity. This week the Intermediate practitioners are stepping up to use meditation to pour light into the collective consciousness of humanity. Maybe you have been too.

Violence begets more violence. Disrespect breeds disrespect just as contempt engenders more of the same. Just about all negative emotional or mental states fuel more of the same negativity or bring forward worse states of action and mind. Interestingly, positive states of mind, emotion, and action do the same: they bring forward more positivity. Patience begets patience. Courtesy brings forward respect, courtesy, empathy, and care. Thoughtfulness elicits the same. Creative solutions that include all factors and beings involved are lasting wise solutions.

Violence will never solve a problem, but will create more problems. Join us in using meditation and our meditative training for positive vibes and an energetic insistence on change for the good by all of humanity.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Humanity is One and I am one with them

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