Intermediate: Instructions and that which is inseparable

unfolding essence.001All meditation training has few foci. Those are used by most, if not all, meditation methods around the world, and always have been. Breath (inner flow and spacious serenity), focus (point of focus, learning true concentration, then sustaining that such that it refines into something powerful and more), and letting go (of the sense of self, of controlling the meditative process, of wanting a “good meditation”, of all the ways that the ego co-opts the training or distracts one from it.

One of the factors that is engaged in advancing meditation practices is the fact of qualities being inseparable within one’s experience and, furthermore, that one’s experience is inseparable from Awareness Itself. For example, when one settles there could be an experience of peace or serenity. Yet, if one rests fully in that experience, one discovers that peace is actually dynamic. It is vibrant not dull. Thus peace and dynamism are inseparable. Another example is light or luminosity, brightness or lightness of vibration that is a common experience as one breathes and assumes good asana. The mind-emotions clear. Ahh, light/clarity. But, if one stays with the experience and does nothing to interrupt its purity and acuity, one experiences that this clarity or luminosity is continuous or smooth, that it is a flow of effortless transparent light. Thus luminosity and continuous effortlessness are inseparable also. What separates these qualities is our mind; and what bifurcates our experience into moments of clarity and then a fall out of it, moments of effortless serenity and then self-talk to re-establish centeredness, is the ego and its absconding of the mind and emotions.

This meditation is about 20 minutes of silent practice of the simple (but potentially powerful) instructions given early in the sitting. Give this training a try.


Downloadable podcast: Intermediate: Instructions


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