Letting Go and Then What…?


Sometimes life asks a lot of us – and some of that has to do with letting go.  Letting go of plans, people, relationships, ideals, belief systems, you name it – the challenge surely will arise to let go of something or someone we hold deeply in our psyche.  It can be a wrenching, tearing and sometimes terrifying or an extremely sad experience, or it may be a relief, an opening. The truth is, it happens in life fairly frequently, be it a small “letting go” or what we may perceive as a major upheaval in life.  Each night when we fall asleep, we let go of our waking consciousness and enter into dream states.   Each exhale is a letting go of the breath, of the moment, of whatever we choose to release. Some feel that each exhale and each sleep is part of the practice of letting go of life, and a new birth arises with each inhale, each awakening.   As we work through the letting go, with a pause, with awareness, we may perceive a space, an opening, an opportunity being offered to go within, become quiet and co-create the next step ahead.  Sometimes a space has to be created before the next opening or opportunity can arise.  So together, let’s gently enter the practice of letting go.

Downloadable Podcast:  Letting Go and Then What…?

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