Deep Rest


Deep Rest. A pause. A breath.

Let us take a step back, a moment away from these turbulent times and remember who we are, what we are, and why we are. We are each a sacred being sharing in the One Life on this beautiful planet. We are each an integral part of the cosmic whole. We share in the breathing of air, the drinking of water, our feet planted on this earth, the spilling of blood, the loss and the joy. Life isn’t fair or equal among us and we are different and yet essentially the same. Together we can hold the intention that one day soon we will feel, see and know that we are one breath, one life, inter-connected, inter-being and love and care for one another and love ourselves. Let us live our sacred commitment to life, to love, to each other. Let us pause and together experience deep rest.

Downloadable Podcast: Deep Rest


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