The flow of heart-mind

Colorful-Vortex verticalWind flows, streams and rivers do too; as do migrations of animals, and sap running in trees. Stepping back, we can see that flow is an essential dynamic of life on Earth. In a human being, flow is generated from heart-mind.

When a person is thinking from the heart, patience and creativity are present. Without the heart, impatience and frustration result. Functioning from the heart, ease even in situations of difficulty is possible, calm and equipoise are the manner in which one addresses circumstances and life.

We continue this week with Step 6: heart-mind. This is meditation e (5) in the series.

Heart-mind is the powerful continuity of awareness, understanding, and composure applied to life and its processes. As such, the common mind is engaged by the truths of empathy, interdependence, connectedness. As a result, one lives flow just like the stream.


Downloadable podcast: Flow of the heart-mind

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