The heart reveals

The human life thread is anchored in the heart center. Have you ever asked why or what this provides?

The life thread anchored in the heart is telling us:

  • that our choice of physical incarnation is for heart center reasons
  • that the physical dimension and the heart’s vibration are in resonance
  • that ease, peace, empathy, and relatedness are the most powerful experiences that one can have within the physical dimension and that these experiences foster life.

Of note is that the life thread is not anchored in the sacral center, solar plexus, base center, or throat. Why?

  • because the base center is about asserting one’s emphasis (survival of the self)
  • because the sacral center is about attachment (in its full range)
  • because the solar plexus is about the sense of little self (me)
  • because the throat is about ideas and concepts (correct and true or not).

The heart is about life, its vibrations pulsing through all dimensions possible, and all dimensions that we are. This meditation offers an experience of the relation of the heart to the physical dimensionality: ultimately they are the same vibration.

Downloadable podcast: The heart reveals

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