10b. Your Presence is Necessary

To perceive the light in others as well as in circumstances and events requires standing within in one’s authenticity. Luminous perception results.

In that mode of integrity one can ask oneself, “Is this necessary?” Is this thought, this word, this purchase, this activity, this emotion or reaction, this judgement, this patience, this kindness: is this necessary?

In our current times of unrest, your Presence is necessary. From your Presence – abiding in it, thinking and acting from it – one can contribute light to an awakening humanity.

As you go through your day, ask, “Is this necessary?” Many things will sort out as not, and one will be left with more time, more money, more peace and ease. By the same token, one will notice how necessary one’s thoughts, words, and acts of kindness and patience, joy and equanimity are. As members of the human family, our presence is necessary.


Downloadable podcast: Your presence is necessary

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