Dappled Light

Dappled Tree

Nature often offers us an accurate reflection of our inner and outer states.  While walking in nature today, I remembered a time when my daughter was first introduced to and became enamored with the phrase “dappled sunlight”. It was as if the word tickled her with joy, just as the light seemed to tickle the leaves on the trees. We noticed how some streams of light flowed directly to the ground, some were absorbed, deflected, blocked, and reflected from the tree trunks, branches and leaves.

Today I marvel at the analogy as it relates to our light and how it can be received and radiated directly or blocked, deflected, reflected, absorbed, and shared – creating a dappled light within and without.  Often the hindrances are our thoughts, feelings or physical discomfort, all part of being human and divine. Let’s explore and meditate!

Downloadable Podcast:  Dappled Light

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