Be in the Present Moment



Together, as a world, we are living in unprecedented times.  For most, it is a time of not knowing how to move through these uncertain times. For all, it is a time of not knowing where we are heading, nor do we know the outcome.  Physical, emotional, and  mental stress flows through the system.  Now more than ever, we need to continually bring ourselves back to center, to the present moment, to move from love, not fear.  Truthfully, all we ever know for sure is the present moment.  In each moment lies the opportunity to remember that we are more than just a physical, emotional and mental being.  We are light, we are love, and as we connect with those qualities we actually change the cascade of chemicals flowing through the body from those of stress  to hormones that bring calm, rest, and healing.  Yes, we will have moments of sadness, fear, and uncertainty, but with a breath, we can come into the present moment, realize the light within and breathe it out to all those in need, including ourselves.

Downloadable Podcast: Be in the Present Moment

2 thoughts on “Be in the Present Moment

  1. It’s always a good reminder to focus on the present moment especially during stressful times. Focusing on the past or what may happen in the future only adds stress as opposed to deciding what you can do now in the present.

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