The powerful Ground of meditation

ground and power.001I could sing the praises of meditation day and night! The powers that it brings forward from inside a person are profound and common. Patience: did you ever consider patience a power? How amazing is gentle patience, calmness in the turbulence of modern life, joyful celebration of a child being a child and needing extra time. How about clarity of mind, clarity in one’s emotions, a conscientious relation to one’s body, health, and the Mother Earth environment that we live in? Clarity is profound when one really thinks about it.

Add to these a list of paranormal powers that naturally come forward as one accesses the inner states of being, and the natural well-being of simply being alive that results from detachment and contentment with life – and you have only some of the amazing powers of meditation.

We continue with the Ground of meditation, step 11.

Downloadable podcast: The powerful Ground of meditation

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