7a. The quality of Awareness

circle-of-life_43351Awareness is tangible. It has qualities that are distinct, just as non-awareness or thoughtlessness, or gratitude and creativity have distinct qualities. One of the qualities of awareness is spaciousness or openness.

Step 7- Interlude – has us notice the space (or interlude) after the in-breath and after the out-breath. Calling one’s attention to the sensations that are present brings one to the present. That alone is awareness. Awareness is that simple, and that radical. It is radical in actually experiencing one’s experience of the moment. To do so is not only to experience whatever one IS actually experiencing but that is Awareness.

It is this that Interlude illumines. Interlude is the space between, which means that is also is the space of, or the space in which. Interlude calls ones attention to the rich textures of a moment as it is. This might sound boring or trendy, but being present as we are to what is all around, as well as what is inside, us is the teachings of the great Teachers of humanity. Interlude is a checking in to see how checked out we might be.

Breathe. Feel the space in every facet of breathing. Then notice and slightly emphasize the interlude between the in and out breath and the out and in breath. (Don’t hold your breath, simply emphasize it, notice it, experience it.) Then feel the same through the same = create space!


Downloadable podcast: 7a. the quality of Awareness

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