Present: a meditation

1pineal-1024x1024We complete Step 2 and bring all the instruction together. It comes down to this: “Our insides create our outsides, and our outsides condition our insides.”

The inner life creates the outer life. If we are at ease inside, ease will be the tone of the outer interactions. If we are embattled or stressed, worrisome or bitter, then our outer life will mimic and be like a caricature of our inner state. Then the outer life conditions the ongoing inner state. It all is a feed-back loop or a water-wheel. The key to it all is to notice and give credence to the inner subtle states and reality.

Attention is the foundation of all forms of meditation. Attention includes curiosity, interest, and openness. A child watching a bug is a good example of this. Attention is not judgement nor criticism. Attention is focus. Judgement and criticism are emotional and personal responses to what one has noticed or brought into view.


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