5b: Meditation brings change.

bubbleStep 5 – Soften, Open, and Release – is a step that brings some of the intended results of meditation into view. The lungs release that which is old and no longer serves. Release wants to hold the practitioner in truth, in simplicity, and in clarity. But, these three are counter to the modern ethos, and there lies the rub. Each meditation – especially certain steps – train us in the foundational practices necessary for concentration and meditation, and automatically bring the practitioner’s life, mind, habits, and desires into view. This is powerful but not always comfortable.

“Just enough” evokes an awareness of need versus impulsiveness. The teaching on release and feeling it in our body/lungs makes forms of clinging (to the past, or thoughts, or comfort, or distraction) almost garish compared to the ease and lightness of release.

Yet, these experiences are evidence of meditation beginning to bring its effects of truth, simplicity, and clarity to the practitioner and are to be celebrated. Then engaged. Empower yourself with the power of the changes that want to happen within. Remember – meditation changes everything, and because of that you can “change yourself, change the world.”

This meditation is Step 5b.


Downloadable podcast: Change

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