Integrity: inner balance

A balanced life? Yes, it is possible.

Asana provides many obvious as well as subtle results in one’s life, meditation practice, and in how to live within a physical dimensional existence.

  • Asana brings us to the moment, in our body, in our state of emotions, in our state of mind. Non-distracted from these, one can make good choices – ones that support well-being of body, emotions, and state of mind. Those choices made and acted upon bring wellnness, ease, patience, empathy, equanimity, clarity, and actual space in one’s day. Reactive living is mindless living which can only create difficulty, frustration, impatience, and clutter. Aware of the moment – in the moment – establishes one in presence.
  • Asana organizes the subtle and dense aspects of being human. Chakras, central channel, states of mind and consciousness require integration and coordination in order for the higher ranges of their functioning to be possible. Once again, we are called to mindfulness and away from distracted tendencies.
  • One’s life, and the people in it, experience our peace and composure when we bring good asana to our interactions. They also experience our pettiness when we have slouched from integrity and equilibrium into impatience and thoughtlessness.

Ultimately, asana is about core, essence, breath, and presence. These support one’s meditation – yes – and also bring our human dignity into our life.

Downloadable podcast: Integrity

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