The stature of one’s practice

2-sequoiaIt is called a practice for a reason. With diligence, effort, and right motivation, a meditation practice will establish within oneself. If any of these is missing or haphazard, then that which a meditation practice is and that which it will bring forward within a person cannot happen.

What can happen within oneself when the ingredients of a meditation practice are in place?

  • A sharp mind – clear, alert, aware, less judgmental, and more forgiving.
  • An ease with oneself.
  • More honesty in all regards, inside and in regard to our self and rationalization or excuses and drama and focused outwardly in our dealings with others.
  • More of who and what a person is is accessible. Stress, self-importance, worry, and control reduce a human being. Meditation widens one. It opens one’s heart and mind.

The ground of one’s practice is within. It is our attitude. With that, our practice can take deep root and pervade our life with our inner excellence.

Downloadable podcast: The great tree of one’s practice

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