7b. Vibrant Neutrality

Sunflower_by_lauperrIn this meditation, the experience of the interlude of the breath (on the in and out breath) was the focus. It is a tangible space between that is also a moment of ripened potential. The potential of any moment is already present, but giving that moment space to BE without adding or subtracting anything from it, provides that the potential can ripen, can come forward.

As human beings, we generally don’t realize the level to which we interrupt the potential, or mitigate or hamper it. In one way or another, we generally condition the potency that any moment brings and holds. We condition i by adding thoughts and concepts to it, by bringing the past into the present, by dramatizing it, or personalizing it. Yet, if the moment is given a moment (!), and if we give ourselves the space of simple being, something tremendous (and equally simple) is present to be discovered: vibrant neutrality.

What is that, you say? Try it, and experience it for yourself.

Downloadable podcast: 7b. Vibrant Neutrality

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