* (Step 6/d) Create your day as you go

"Freedom" by graur razvan ionut
“Freedom” by graur razvan ionut

The Practice of Living Awareness empowers you.

  • Feeling frustrated? Breathe a long slow deep breath.
  • Mind confused? Smile, breathe, then soften and open to what you are trying to control. Get in touch with the fact a control issue is actually what is going on.
  • Feeling a churning feeling, judgemental, petty, or aggressive? Smile within yourself. You’ve noticed this. Breathe, get centered, feel the river of the breath and the tip of your nose. Your eyes will brighten, mind will open, and your integrity will come forward. You are bigger than these emotional and mental states that decease your humanness.

The Practice puts Presence in your hands, every moment. Now it’s up to you. When you use what you are learning, the difference experienced is immediate. Meditate every day. Establish yourself in the techniques. Experience their efficacy and your empowerment.

Podcast: Create your day as you go. 

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